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Find Saving Faith and Share It

A Faith which Saves and Grows

"Somewhere Forever"
Great Gospel Video (18 min)
Victory over Sin & Death
Dr. Erwin Lutzer (1 min audio)
"Do You Know For Sure".
(Evangelism Explosion)
Full Assurance
(Do I Need It?)
Are You Sure Tract
(Questions from 1 John)
"How to Get to Heaven"
(Pacific Garden Mission)
Health Issues
(Choices You Can Make)
Salvation Stories
(Pacific Garden Mission)
A New Christian -- Now What
(Woodrow Kroll)
Listen to the Bible online
Pick Version, Book, Chapters
Q&A on Bible Basics
(A Puritan Catechism)
How To Succeed in The Christian Life
(R.A. Torrey)
How To Pray
(R.A. Torrey)
Bible Survey
(Brief Course with Graphics)
Bible Survey 2
(Skim the Topics)
Smith's Bible Dictionary
(A Great Classic, word search)
Bible Encyclopedia
(All the Answers, word search)
Bible Commentaries
(Great Explanations & Background)
What is Divine Providence?
Who Controls What Happens?

Share It With Others

Motivation to Share What is a witness?
How to do it The Holy Spirit and Prayer
Courage Handling Opposition
Mark Cahill's Website Great Web Opportunities
(You Can Do It)
But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you:
and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea,
and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.
Acts 1:8

Great Sites for Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio
A station that plays great old fashioned Christian music
Faith & Friends Radio
Music that hits the heart
Radio Bible Class
Our Daily Bread, Devotionals, Bible Study, Media Programs, Publishing
Focus on the Family
-- James Dobson -- Many Family related resources -- Q&A on Life's Problems
Bible Broadcasting Network
Great Everything -- Listen, Chat, Testimonies, Study, Q&A
Back to the Bible
Well designed site -- downloadable Bible Studies, Christian Growth materials, Audio Messages, etc.
In Touch Ministries
Charles Stanley -- Many resources to help you grow in Christ -- Broadcast schedules
View RBC booklets (PDF's)
Special Needs, Comfort, Trials, Spiritual Questions, Etc. Search the Topics

Listen to Great Sermons and Testimonies

True life testimonies -- radio dramas by the Pacific Garden Mission
Sermon Audio
A Great Collection of Classic and Recent Sermons by Spurgeon, Edwards, Bunyan, Rice, Tozer, Wiersbe, Lutzer, Ken Ham, Etc.
Charles Stanley
Many topical messages
Whits End
Adventures in Odyssey
Mark Cahill's Messages
Personal Witnessing,
Bible Broadcasting Network
Listen Schedule
Hymn Stories

Free Computer Programs
Truly Great Bible Study Program for your computer -- It's Free -- Has many translations, commentaries, daily devotionals, etc. Search, copy & paste, etc.
Great Verses -- Learn & Share them
using New Scripture Card Program
It's Free and Very Powerful -- You will love it.

Disciple Making and Christian Basics

Man in the Mirror (Discipleship & Leadership training, great book deals) John Ankerberg (Christian basics & outreach to cults and Islam)
Favorite Psalms
Quickly Find & Read
Select a Proverb
Wisdom for every Situation
(Click the Verse # for comments)
Great Hymns & Their Story
The Lyrics and how they were Inspired

See and Make these Tracts or Verse Cards

Two Great Messages on one tract
"The Path to Purpose and Joy" and
"Christ is the Center and Heart of the Bible".
Are You Sure you will go to Heaven?
(7 questions to find out)
Great News Tract
(The great blessings of being a Christian)
(business card size)
Many Will Say: Tract (The great tragedy of thinking we will be accepted because of our religious works) (business card size)
View or Print Verse Cards
Cards 1
Cards 2
Cards 3
Great Verses -- Learn & Share them
using New Scripture Card Program
It's Free and Very Powerful -- You will love it.

Our Library

Pilgrims Progress
John Bunyan
Fox's Book of Martyrs
John Foxe
Mere Christianity
C. S. Lewis
Historic Christian Faith
A Great Site - Many Categories & Great Authors 
Lectures to My Students
C. H. Spurgeon
Personal Declension & Revival in the Soul (Octavius Winslow)
Ken Ham Etc
How to Study the Bible for greatest profit
R. A. Torrey
How to Bring Men to Christ
R. A. Torrey
How to Obtain Fullness of Power
R. A. Torrey
 Aunt Hattie's Bible Studies
Hattie Fisher
 More Great Spiritual Books
(Listed by Author)
 Acts of the Apostles
Great Commentary by Frank Allen
Torrey's Topical Textbook
R. A. Torrey
View RBC booklets (PDF's)
Special Needs, Comfort, Trials, Spiritual Questions, Etc. Search the Topics
Old Testament
Full Assurance
H. A. Ironside
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