People’s needs are many and varied

Some come from generations of poverty and still others come from homes that are not only short on food, but short on love and compassion. Single parent families, elderly people with no family and teens from broken homes often fall through the cracks. The staff of the Gospel Mission is always available and the people are welcome. Our services are for anyone in need; physical, emotional and spiritual support is given freely. If we encounter a situation that we are not equipped to handle, we direct these people to an agency (perhaps several) or service that can help.


Fishes and Loaves

The Gospel Mission endeavors to meet the basic necessities of life in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. People want and badly need companionship and fellowship, as well as food. We are not a pantry established just to give out baskets during the holidays or on a regular monthly basis; that has a tendency to create an unnecessary dependency. We endeavor to provide according to the real need of the hour.



In showing our concern for others, the Gospel Mission makes available essential clothing to those in need. As Christ gave us the parable of the Good Samaritan, He said, “Go, and do thou likewise.” (Luke 10:37)
Our congregation is very appreciative of the excellent clothing that the Mission provides. Most of this clothing comes from individuals who, instead of throwing the items away, will take the time to bring selected items to the mission. Thus we continue to meet the needs of the inner-city people in the best possible way. Please use the following guidelines when bringing clothing to the Mission:

  • All clothing must be clean and in good repair (please mend tears, holes, etc.)
  • Clothing is needed for men, women, and children of all ages
  • With the exception of men’s suits and coats, all clothing should be non-dressy; casual clothing is the most desirable
  • Clothing must be seasonal, as we cannot store out-of-season clothing until next season
  • Casual and sport shoes are preferred over dress shoes
  • Leftover garage sale clothing is not desirable because of its mixture
  • Clothing styles should be relatively current
  • In order to avoid interrupting our daily chapel services, please call the Mission (937) 223-4513 for receiving times
  • Maternity clothing is also needed


Household Goods

The Gospel Mission endeavors to stock the essential items to keep a house going . . . blankets, dishes, pots and pans, towels etc. These are available at no charge to those in need.


God’s Gym

God’s Gym is a special time of fun and excitement for all ages. Whether it is serious basketball or simple games, a good time is always in order. Bible study is always before each gym session…the Word gets out to the street quickly this way. For the younger ones, there are always kid’s meals available before gym time.


Nehemiah Bible Institute

The Nehemiah Bible Institute meets several times a week in the morning and in the evening. It is especially for adults who want to get a detailed study of the Word of God. It is a joy to see people come with Bible to the studies. Coffee and donuts are always in order along with fellowship and the challenge to learn more of Christ. It is our privilege to be able to disciple as the Lord has commanded.


Children’s Programs & Children’s Church

Monday- Friday and every Sunday, year around both of these exciting times get underway. The Gospel Mission has worked with children since its beginning days. It is our obligation to get the Word of Christ to these little ones before they are consumed by the spirit of the world. What a wonderful ministry the Lord has opened for us to plant the Good News and in such young lives. Many neighborhood children and young families are under the pressure of a hard life. We try to ease that pressure by offering children such programs. Young children walk from miles away to participate in these programs, get a hot meal.


The King’s Table

It is our delight to serve a meal fit for a King each day of the week. The Gospel Mission is a licensed restaurant serving top notch buffet meals to anyone in need. The menu is quite varied and is always balanced for the best of nutrition. And of course, there is no charge to sit at The King’s Table.


Daily Chapel

There is no substitute for the soul food that is fed each day at the Gospel Mission. We have the opportunity to serve some great spiritual meals and ask that God would use the preaching of His word to bring the work of salvation to the many weary souls. Over 80,000 meals are served each year and that means over 80,000 exposures to the Gospel message because there is always a service prior to each meal. The Word of God is presented in various series through mainly expository preaching. This provides a teaching format from one day to the next.


New Life Ministry

The New Life Ministry is a residential program offered to help select individuals on their way in life with the Lord Jesus Christ as their new Guide. The term of stay is usually several years and many times involves going to community college or trade schools in order to establish a supportive income.


Rap Sessions

An open door for people to come in and talk about whatever they want to. Many times this outlet of feelings has proven beneficial to the stability of the person, families, and has prevented bad decisions and violence.



The Old Testament method of gleaning the fields seemed to be fruitful to meet many needs. Today we glean with our trucks at area grocery stores to pick up surplus, day-old, and discontinued food. Some of this is used at the mission, but much of it is shipped to other inner city ministries. About 250 tons of food is distributed free of charge each year. We are thankful for store managers who allow the gleaning to take place in their store. Christian organizations should call our Ministry Resource Coordinator to apply for such items.


God’s Warehouse

With business today, moving rapidly, upgrading to higher technology we are part of the business scene. For the Gospel Mission that usually means equipment in the form of desks, chairs, file cabinets, tables, partitions, furniture, and computers come our way. This is very helpful for us as well as the many ministries that we supply with these items at no charge. The Lord has blessed and tremendously upgraded our systems through these donations. Christian organizations should call our Ministry Resource Coordinator to apply for such items.


Multimedia Bible Research Lab

Afraid of computers? No need to be at the Gospel Mission. Our comprehensive library of CD-ROM’s is available to most novice users. We have qualified staff on hand to walk you through a virtual tour of Jerusalem or just catch up on the latest Bible commentary.


Community Service

Required Community Service may be accomplished in our programs. Requesting Agency needs to supply appropriate information about your requirements.